Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Fifth Day in Thailand

Today is the 5th day in Thailand leaw...
havent go any place to visit,but i had pass by many place.
i saw many many Thai temple here, and Pub also.
i notice that the shop or house with Pink color light in SriNakaRin Road and BangPu

is small "night club",they are sexy girls sit outside there and cause accident happened. i nv ask the price of drink so i dont know the standard here. but i went to visit 2 places that is we call it "kam yu kong" at SriNaKaRin PP Hotel and JeRIn Massage,many girl sitting on the step.
low quality but still better than Malaysia de- -
the price is 1500 baht and above
for 2 hours included bathing and "service" ++

First time go to massage!!!first time mah dont know everything,cos the hall is bigger enough and got a counter and many sofa.i go in leaw then want to ask the price first mah.i thought go to counter ask ok leaw,mana jai they ask me to sit on sofa first.then someone come to serve, giv water then. They hav many package actually. but i select 2 hours for 400 baht(Cant Choose Girl de)leaw wil ask u to go another place to "wash leg" ofcourse lol she wash for me- -massage is normal lol but the place very nice,and no lenglui masseur here^^

What i Eat here?
Morning eat "khaw pat", "Pat Thai" + "Ka Pao Muu" + "Pat Pik Muu" and ++
Afternoon eat go normal rice set
Night de better lal "JimJon"+"SomTam"+"Stimboat"+"PaKaChae"+"Pat Pa"+"Geng Som Pro Chon" and ++ The third night i go to drink "Asahi" beer japun at behind BigC,Bang Na Tad Road.1 jug only 120baht, with my boss all 4 jug + 1"kot tiao" fruit,Only 800baht++ with 2 items of food,its cheap lal.

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