Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The First Day In Thailand

Tat was the first fly in my life, wat i feel was dizzy and feel uncomfortable lalz.i reach PG airport at 15:00 and sent by Ah Han & Mr.Ng, Below de Picture.They are from BM drive car to NT fetch me and to PG,very Touch:)The depart time was delay from 17:05 to 17:20,i kena shock awhile when i step into the airplane, cos i saw a Lenglui "Sky Girl" very nicely de welcome me to AirAsia~o~ sweet
i dint took nice photo cos i scared she wil kick me= =.

i reach Thailand Suvanabrumi Airport at 18:00++ the Airport is big enough,must use Airport Shuttle Bus to send us from one place to another place- -" its take about 5-10mins.then walk about 200meter to chop my passport find my Luggage Bag.

after that we up to 1st floor at Airport wait for a Taxi. cos 1st floor is Guest Depart door mah, we go there wait passenger arrival leaw we replace their Taxi lolx,then wil cheaper^^,cos if we "up car" at GFloor (Arrival)Taxi wil xtra charges us not more than 50baht. From Suvarnabhumi Airport to my hostel(Theparak soi 2) is about 250 baht and about 20 mins. And i dont know why Thailand Taxi got so many different color de. most of them are very kim kim sui sui de.

Still got many color Texi......

when reach my hostel (Kp ManChan) ,Thailand people called it "Man Chan" cos it has a room,veranda and a toilet inside only. to keep my bags,and we went to eat our dinner, My first dinner in Thailand was "duck mouth" + mix boat + Som Tam. the duck mouth is duck de mouth lal got tongue also= ="is "goreng itik mulut" i ate 2 of that:(

Dinner leaw go back to clean my "man chan", that night was very hot hot hot + est, dont know how to survive on that- - but now use to it ^^

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