Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Erawan Museum

Finally, got time to visit the Museum, this is the bigger size of Three Head Elephant at Samut Prakan, i think the bigger in Thailand also. and Ticket is 150 baht,can take less than 30 mins to finish the museum actually, very wasted cos very small only, unless u go to Pray lolz. i dint make a pray i took about 4 hours to take photo- -|| there was many LengLui pass by me and cause me stay longer... i think becos of Labour day also lal. i copy some details here>>>
This three-headed elephant,Airavata, was born of Kun Lek Viriyapant's ideals and imagination.
Actually story i dont talk lal. But the Objective of the Erawan museum are -
> To Cantinue the traditions of Thai arts and crafts and to disseminate knowledge of the national culture for young people and the general public.
> To provide a site where images of Buddha and objects of art can be housed and cared for in an appropriate and save environment so as to prevent their lass to foreign countries.
> To create and architectural environment symbolic of the cosmography of the East; the ground floor as the Underworld, the hall as Mount Meru, and the area within the Elephant where the images of Buddha are housed as Tavatimsa Heaven.

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